Above and Beyond - Crissa Hewitt

What’s your age?  Well, fortunately it doesn’t matter at Benton Way Studio. Perhaps you would like to explore the world of the silversmith.  Want to see how long you can make a penny stretch? Want to make a simple, unique copper bracelet?  If physical labor it not your thing, you are welcome to watch me demonstrate other techniques.

When you visit Benton Way Studio, you will find two Open Studio Art Tour artists, me Crissa Hewitt and Mae Wilson. She is a printmaker who will be working on her press creating prints as you watch.  In addition, there will be a couple of my students here who can also show you what they are creating and/or answer questions.

This yearly Studio Art Tour provides me with a great opportunity to share my workspace with visitors. While here, you can look at my work (finished and in process), handle the pieces, see the tools, try a little hands on activity and, of course ask questions.  Yes, there will be work for sale.  

This is also a perfect time to sign up for workshops and/or instruction. All ages welcome. Workshops  (which take place early in the year) are designed for beginners and/or those with some knowledge.  It is also possible to sign up for individualized on-going instruction (usually on a weekly basis, but flexible) in jewelry, silversmithing (hollowware)  as well as small wood fabrication.  The “curriculum” is based upon each student’s needs and interests. 

The photographs that will be on display are ones I have taken while traveling. They include images from an Italian marble quarry as well as sights that inspire me. I am fascinated with texture and repetition, as well as images that either make me chuckle or just need to be captured.  A camera has become a wonderful way to help me see and I find I am frequently pointing the lens at what others often don’t notice.     

In addition to all this, there is a nice deck where you may sit and rest a spell before moving on to your next chosen site.

Look forward to seeing you at the studio which is catalog location #89.

Crissa, Silversmith, Sculptor and Photographer