In My Studio - Ethel "Tink" Landers

My studio is a magical place where all mediums and people come to play. Several artists work here on a regular basis. I often lead paint and wine parties.  Every day the studio is my sacred space.  Surrounded by dogs, music, and nature, I paint and play with clay, oil, acrylic, all sorts of drawing materials and now drills and etching tools.

It’s been a fun year starting with landscaping our front yard to respect nature and save water. I created yard art by etching sandstone with images that we saw in caves in southern France. Neighbors would stop by to watch my process and later order rock for their own gardens. I’ve continued throughout the year etching and staining stone.  Of course I’ve drawn for over 60 years so whether I use a pencil or a drill I love to draw!

From images of ancient animals, to images of the Buddha, to my well-known images of roosters, I create garden and landscape art for all tastes. I recently was commissioned by one client to create his AC Cobra on stone which he will now use as a bench.

I’m 66 years old so it is ironic I’m just now creating art that weighs 100 pounds, but I etch on smaller stones too. Come by at catalog location 9 in Nipomo and check out all my creations whether stone, clay, canvas, wood or paper during both weekends of Open Studios Tour 2016! My website is