In My Studio - Jordan Quintero

I've been working really hard to distill the visual language I've been developing, trying to get all the disparate bits of myself working together in concert. Learning. The studio forces you to keep production up, to get in here. Play the beautiful little game I play, trying to burn through my little stashes of materials, surfaces, images, memories, ideas, sketches, studies, scraps, harvests, techniques, designs, etc, etc, etc.

It's been five years since I moved into my grandmother's beautiful home down here in A.G.  It's been a very challenging, and productive, five years, lots of change, growth, movement in the stillness.  Learned a lot.  Trying to stay grateful for every moment.  Such a beautiful part of the world.  Doing a full permaculture lawn-to-orchard remodel project, too, to spiffy up the place and be more drought prepared, on schedule to be finished up before open studio.

As you can see this is a fully working studio, can't wait to get it all spiffed up and share it with everybody. If you'd like, head over to and give it a like and rsvp to the event to get updates.  Have some special guests coming to play music and some good snack purveyors lined up.  You can check out full portfolios of available works on Going to be a great show, hope you can make it over to Studio # 43!