In My Studio - Sheila Underwood

When I walk into my studio each morning I get a feeling of peace.  I can shut out the everyday cares and my to-do list :I forget the laundry, the dust on the furniture, the weeds that need pulling etc. I’m only thinking about my next painting. What colors, what subject ,what message.

My studio is large and filled with light , large windows and many  paintings in various stages. I usually have several paintings in work at a time. That is because as I progress through the painting I sometimes reach a place where I’m not sure where I want to go. So I put it aside and work on something else.

If I reach a place where I am losing the excitement  of the piece and getting bogged down and nit picking I set it aside.

My studio is divided into two areas. One space for working in watercolors and another for my silk paintings. I use the larger space for silk pieces as there are so many different steps and more wonderful “STUFF” involved. Such as bolts of silk,silk dyes, resists, stretcher bars, , rolls of paper, Squeeze bottles of all sizes, pins and pens, Q tips. I could go on and on.

What Inspires me ???  It doesn’t take much to get my creative juices going !!  A walk through my neighbor’s yard. A walk on the beach. A drive down Moonstone Beach. A sunset. A drive to Morro Bay. The wonderful ocean views all around us.

Come visit me during Open Studios Art Tour at catalog location #24.  You can see my work at or ARTSObispo's Artist Directory.