Inspire Me! By William Mulder

Santa Margarita artist, William (Bill) Mulder, feels the sense of place and its energy to draw his inspiration.  His studio will be open both weekends of the Open Studios Art Tour.

My inspiration is to observe a site and feel the sense of the place and its energy. Each place creates a space within the environment that is intrinsically human and connected to the people who energized it with their lives and culture. These places are not random or accidental. I wish to capture their relationship and value to the native culture in my painting. In the spirit of these native nomads, I come and go, and leave the place undisturbed, only taking my masonite landscape home with me.

In a way, this is western art at its purest - surveying with the aesthetic eye and depicting a site the original people made their own. It's in this romantic spirit that I present Sacred Spaces and humbly convey the value and power of each location to the viewer. SACRED SPACES is an evolving series which will visually record and create a personal interpretation of our western heritage.

Bill Mulder is an artist in Santa Margarita California, whose plein aire landscapes depict rural settings in semi-urban areas, the border between land and water, and his new series entitled SACRED SPACES. He will also be selling Bicycle sculpture and bicycle wind chimes similar to the ones featured on his blog.


For inquiries, project updates, and more information contact Bill at: [email protected], or (805) 471-4571. Visit the On-Track Studio during the Open Studios Art Tour (#42 in the catalog), located on the tracks in Santa Margarita less than a mile from Ancient Peaks Tasting Room, at 9505 Wilhelmina Ave. (Hwy 58 and Wilhelmina Ave).