My Favorite Tool - George Asdel

I’ve used Pigma Micron pens for all the drawings in my 38 volumes. They are a tan color in tips sizes .005 to .08. I use mostly .01. They can be purchased in any art supply store and are very fade resistant, archival, and don’t “bleed” through the page. They are like the old Rapidograph pens, but with no mess and they always work. I’ve used dozens of them over the years.

I also like to play around with fountain pens. One of them I use is the Pilot Varsity. I use Prisma Color pencils for color drawings, and mechanical pencils for preliminary sketches and for acrylic painting, I’ve been using Raphael brushes mostly.

My art is shown in Morro Bay at the Gallery at Marina Square. My website is Also, be sure to visit me during the 2016 Open Studios Art Tour, I’m #170 in the catalog.