Origins - Heather O'Connor

I recalled a time when my mother suggested I make a picture for my grandmother on her birthday. I must have been about 9 years of age and loved unusual and beautiful animals so I had fun making a Ruddy Duck with a bright blue bill. My mother and  grandmother were so pleased. I had fun!

Now, I’m a natural science artist linking both colorful art and unique science. Since living in Morro Bay, CA, my curiosity continues and I’m an elephant seal docent and a co-director with Bob Isenberg of the Pacific Coast Peregrine Watch. He is the expert on peregrine falcons and educates the public for our 501(c)(3) educational nonprofit while I post his observations on our website,

To show my love of science and art, I'll give 25 % of my sales to the Pacific Coast Peregrine Watch. You may commission me to make a painting of a bird of your choice on elk hide which may be used as a wall hanging or a binocular cover.

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