What Inspires Me - Jeanne Miller

Traveling west at the age of 25 from the eastern United States, I saw the golden hills and blue skies of the California coast as the cool dry air swept over me and I felt transformed! I knew that I was in the presence of something very powerful -- something that would change me.

Eventually I moved ‘back east’, but it was clear how deeply I had connected with the incredible skies and sweeping vistas of the American west. During the years to follow, while living elsewhere, I constantly tried to reconnect with the places that I had loved. While I was unable to return physically, I could return emotionally and mentally, and I could return visually. As an artist, I knew that one way I could stay connected to that land and those magical places was to capture them with paint so I could look at them all the time. I wanted to surround myself with the images of the places I loved; I wanted my paintings to capture some of the emotions I felt in those places. 

When I married in 2002 I realized that my husband also nurtured a ‘western spirit’ and we decided to find a way to eventually live under those big western skies. In the meantime we developed a rich life together in North Carolina. My days were busy with painting and teaching, our holidays were filled with trips west, and we bought a house in Wyoming. In 2005 we moved to California where Mike had been offered a job. We feel that we have landed in heaven! We live close to the wild rugged California coast, and I am able to paint the gorgeous places I love and to share my love of painting with my art students. Creating art, and teaching art, are healing, powerful forces in my life.

I paint the landscape of the American west, celebrating earth, water and sky in oil and pastel.  Using vibrant, intense color to convey the essence and spirit of a place, I  celebrate the drama of weather and the patterns created by the changing light. I am a member of Arts Obispo, Silk Painters International, and the Morro Bay Art Association. I look forward to sharing my silk, oil and pastel landscapes with you during Open Studios Art Tour. I’m Artist #128 and will be open both weekends, sharing space with artist Dana Kimberly Hixson. Oils on Wood (#128).