What Inspires Me - Nancy Walters

As a wild life artist, the inspiration of creating a painting starts long before I am working on it in my studio.  It starts with a yearning to see an animal up close and personal.

The challenge then becomes throwing my older, ample figure into a tiny seat in a bi-plane to fly to Alaska to watch grizzly bears in the wild. Sometimes it means enduring foot numbing cold as I watch polar bears on the Tundra. Or talking myself into a quiet patient place as I stand for hours in a Safari vehicle in Africa, waiting and watching as nature unfolds before me. I’ve learned to keep my balance standing up while the safari vehicle sped backwards out running a charging rhinoceros. And, keeping balance was essential, while carrying a big back pack of photo equipment, as I jumped into a pango boat to motor over to a Galapagos island. (Although one time, I bounced right over the side backwards and head down into the ocean, like a great backward summersault and if not for a very strong guide I would have been a goner.) These are but a few challenges that begin a wild life artist’s journey towards a painting. There is nothing like seeing an animal in the wild. I believe it is this personal encounter with wildlife that is necessary to capture the essence of animals in a painting. The reward is the memorable experience and the inspiration that you take back to the studio.

See more about Nancy's Wildlife Art at www.nancywaltersart.com  and visit her studio (#28 in the catalog) on Oct 8 and 9 in Nipomo, CA.