What Inspires Me - Sandra Lee

I have recently started ‘dropping acid’… onto metal that is! 

For the last 2 months, even my morning cup of coffee waits until I can check out the progression and the transformation that my piece of art has made during the night.  My favorite metal to start with is galvanized steel, to which several forms of acid are poured onto, thereby removing most of the galvanized layer- and starting the rust/patina action. 

With all my art, whether painting or metal work, nothing is usually planned or predicted- all pieces are an experiment of the moment.  Once in awhile, I will feel a struggle- and a not ‘letting go’- and the art piece will be named something such as ‘Consternation’!

With metal patina, there is always a different reaction as I experiment with different chemicals, and even water will create colors and images within the process.

As I am also a writer- often phrases or certain words run through my mind, and I will even speak these out loud- and these words and their meaning become an integral part of the art piece, and the ‘story’.   With my paintings there is always a written piece that goes with it- a poem, a stream of consciousness, a story of an actual occurrence or an explored subject.

However, since working with different metals (galvanized steel, copper, coins, chains, coffee cans, lids, old tools-anything that rusts!) I have not written a story of the art- but have found the name of the piece comes easily, as the images that appear by the end or the particular emotion I am feeling at the time.  The meaning of the piece becomes clear.

This piece is called ‘Gemini’ – (the astrological sign of the twins) as it appears to me to be 2 very different people- though joined together – their images show many stories, one is dominant and strong, one is in distress, one facing inward, one outward in bravado, one the true self the other false egO, one a female, the other male, and so on…it seems to mirror the duality of myself as an artist- the desire of fame and fortune with the absolute need of stillness and retreat.

So what inspires me is the art itself, the communication and the story that emerges, the way the art shows it’s ‘self’ to me.  It’s always a mystery, a pleasure, a lesson, a story unfolding, a knowing, a birth, a death, a creation that I am witness to…and am.

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