In My Studio - Jadon Smith

One of the key inspirations or "drivers" in my work, is to hightlight the beauty of wood through everyday functional products, that can be seen, touched, and experienced.  The range of products that I make, including, Native American flutes, Salad Bowls,  Salt and Pepper Grinders,  Lazy Susans, cutting boards,  pastry rollers, bottle stoppers, ornaments, ring stands, etc .  Each of these products can be in daily use by the owner, making their look and function appreciated over and over again.  Rather that something to simply look at, I strive to have my work appeal to multiple senses.  This is particulary true of the Native Flutes that  I make.  These flutes have found an audience from a variety of owners around the world, and are used in recording, meditation practice, and just to have some fun.  

Each item I make is unique, with very rare exception, no to items are the same.  This uniqueness adds to the appeal of the product.

I hope you will come to see whats available at my studio located at catalog #21during Open Studio Tour. You can review my work at or ARTSObispo's Artist Directory.