What Inspires Me - Claudette Garcia

October last year I moved from No. California, leaving behind a large home, spacious studio, an "Art" garden, Victorian cottage, to Grover Beach, and created a "mini" version of what I had.  Why? Maintenance, upkeep, being labor intensive, left no time or energy for my art.  "Less has become More"!  I now have time to dream, create, focus, and paint!

The central coast has for me feelings of excitement in all levels, eg.  Vineyards, mountains, agriculture, wildlife, beaches, weather, relaxed living, continuous Events, and most of all a friendly community of people.  I look forward to painting the central coast in all its facets especially seascapes which has always been a favorite and stimulating process to paint.

Arts Obispo's Open Studios Art Tour has been a goal before moving to Grover Beach. In preparation for the Open Studios Art Tour, my grandchildren and I created another art garden to entertain guests that may enter my world of art!! I'm located at catalog location 56.