In My Studio - Dana Kim Hixson

Surf’s up and out in my studio at catalog location #128 today! I finished painting a jellyfish on a Dave Parmenter shaped surf board for a fundraiser to help kids who can’t afford sports equipment. We as artists are often asked to donate our craft for worthy causes. I can’t always say yes, but having sports in my life as a kid was one of the joys of my childhood. So I took time out from painting for Open Studios Art Tour to work on a different canvas for a good cause. Sports and art together… what could be better?

I already knew I would cover the surface with a jellyfish because that’s what the client had asked for. The rest of the decisions were up to me. Because it is to be auctioned off I felt it must be eye-catching and to me that means “COLOR”. The water must have a clear light source with a gradual shift in values to create the illusion of depth. The jellyfish would be reddish orange so a nice contrast and complement for the water color would be teals and various blues combined.

Composition…..where to put the jellyfish on the board? I made a rough pattern on paper and cut it out so that I could move it around easily within the space and arrive at the best position. Once I had determined the size and placement of the jellyfish, my reward was to have fun with paint.

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