What Inspires Me - Rosemary Bauer

I love to paint outdoors, also known as painting “en plein air”.  Nature itself is my primary inspiration, with all of its colors, sounds, variations, peacefulness and surprises.  However, in the process of finding a scene to paint, I often see shapes and patterns in the view before me.  When that happens, the pattern also becomes part of the inspiration for a painting.  The pattern is really an abstraction of the scene, and may contribute to another goal for a good painting – composition.    Here are a couple of examples of paintings and a sketch of the underlying patterns that inspired them:

See more of my work online in the Arts Obispo Arts Directory, or on my website at www.rmartstudios.com.

I’ll be at catalog stop #30 for this year’s Open Studio Art Tour.  Come visit and explore the paintings on display at your leisure.  If you are curious about the inspiration behind any of them, it would be fun to share that with you!