HumanKind Fair Trade

Friday, September 1, 2017
6:00 pm
HumanKind Fair Trade
982 Monterey Street
San Luis Obispo
, CA

For the next Art After Dark on September 1, Human Kind is excited to feature the unique photography of Kristin Linney and the lively “Rock Americana” music of Joy Polloi.  Kristin’s photographs will be on exhibit for the entire month of September.

Kristin Linney Bio:

“I’ve been taking photos for as long as I can remember but it took me a while to find my own personal style. I never thought I would be interested in landscape photography until I found my own unique way of photographing natural scenery.  I didn’t want to take the same typical touristy pictures that are common.  I’d rather just buy a postcard than waste my film capturing an image that’s already been captured, but I did want to find a way to capture personal images of landscapes that I admire.  I came up with this technique on a whim while experimenting and I was really pleased with how the images from my first roll of film came out.  I continued experimenting and overlapping images and now that I’ve been utilizing this technique for a while I have somewhat of a sense of what the layers of images will develop as, though it’s always really exciting seeing how the film comes out. 

I shoot everything on an analog 35mm film camera and these prints are made directly from the negatives without editing.  I think the confusing psychedelic qualities of the layered images are suiting to the scenery, especially in places like Joshua Tree.  It’s a trippy place and also a place where a lot of people go to take psychedelics and ponder the mystery of the landscape.  It’s another way to look at things and it’s exciting to see something familiar in a new way.  All of the photographs in this show were taken in California with a several favorites from right here in beautiful San Luis Obispo.”