San Luis Obispo Guild Hall

Friday, October 6, 2017
6:00 pm

The San Luis Obispo Guild Hall is proud to host our first ever SLO Art After Dark event!  You know us!  We have been around for a while over at 2880 Broad Street.  We are well known for our community service and dedication to our community and it's rich agricultural history, present, AND future!  Nowhere can you see a more artistic representation of that timeline than in the art of SLO Guild's very own Ken Haggard.  Ken Haggard has a rich and well-loved, highly-respected history in the San Luis Obispo community for a variety of reasons, not least of which is his ongoing contributions to the culture of sustainability.  He taught sustainable architecture at Cal Poly for a while before deciding that he needed to get down to business with his own work which had a much more urgent and independent nature.  He has been a member now of the SLO Guild for many years and is currently in up to his shoulders in the current SLO Guild project of Raising the Solar Roof!  The Raise The Solar Roof project is Ken's brainchild and he is fully committed to its completion.  That being said, he is also an exceptional artist and put in place a collection of mural-like wall friezes all around the perimeter of the SLO Guild Hall along with the help and collaboration of his friend, the artist Carol Paulsen.  Both Ken and Carol will be in attendance to help show their work at the SLO Guild Hall's first ever Art After Dark event!  

Alongside Ken Haggard and Carol Paulsen, there will be a sampling of artists on display that represent every slice of the spectrum that you could hope to perceive that the central coast has to offer.  From up and coming college freshman artists wildly discovering their own techniques and styles through paint, video, or dance, to highly seasoned and well-known professional artists that see art as their primary vocation and career.  So, we have starving artists and slightly less starving artists, in a sense.  

Our two other "featured artists" for the month October are David Settino Scott and Abbey Onikoyi, two San Luis Obispo beloveds of the art world that have been working for years to vitalize our culture.  

Abbey Onikoyi is an African American artist who depicts African women – and some men – in most of his paintings. While he was born and raised in Nigeria, he has been an American citizen for several decades and now resides in San Luis Obispo, CA. Onikoyi claims to paint because of the energy in San Luis Obispo.
David Settino Scott works full time as an artist in his studio in San Miguel, located on California's Central Coast. He also teaches an art class in the evenings at Cuesta College. David has worked as a flight instructor, giving flying lessons in the L.A. area. He has also created setsfor special visual effects. Star Wars and Caddy Shack are among his screen credits. Through his work in film David gained knowledge and experience with many different types of materials.  This experience has given David much freedom in creating three dimensional work. Thus, sculpture is an integral part of his art experience, and he has had important solo shows of his sculptural works as well as his paintings in museums and private galleries.
We will be rounding out our show with a healthy sampling of artists that we feel are pushing the boundaries in other areas of the art world.  They run the gamut of the sociological spectrum:
is an up and coming artist whose work has been on display for several years now at the Paso Robles Cinema. As well as studying studio art, she also studies botany and is pursuing a degree in ethnobotany. She is a dedicated steward of the San Luis Obispo Guild Hall.
Carmela Young is another young artist, a student at Cuesta College, and a maker of experimental art films. One of those films will be screened at the SLO Guild Art After Dark in October.
Adele Kandarian is a young artist finding power in their creativity. Their art explores self-discovery, spiritual energy, and the connection between decaying and growing.
Jennie Belle is a Los Angeles raised painter and performance artist. Her style can be described as "chaotic jazz painting."
Lisa Bearcat is a San Luis Obispo based punk rock/roll musician whose music is quickly gaining notoriety and fame, though she moonlights in a quieter form of art which she will share with us in October.
Lillian Rossetti is a nationally known performance artist and skilled practitioner of the art of Butoh, a Japanese form of experimental dance. She will perform live for us at the SLO Guild at our first ever Art After Dark event in October.
We will be serving light refreshments provided by Virginia Marum of Vert Foods and the SLO Guild Hall, as well as wine and beer.