San Luis Obispo County Arts Talk Sessions

Event Locations:

ARTS Obispo Office
1123 Mill St.
San Luis Obispo
(805) 544-9251

San Luis Obispo County Arts Talk Sessions (SLOCATS) exists to build community. Specifically, it offers artists in all media, board and staff members of arts organizations, and other supporters of a vibrant cultural life, the opportunity to exchange information, strategize, collaborate, and advocate. The intended outcome is a community which not only robustly supports the arts, but which recognizes the arts community as central to its attractiveness to residents and visitors, to its sustainable prosperity, and to providing the creative thinking applicable to the many issues we face.

What is SLOCATS? 

Administrators, directors, board members, artists, activists, and community leaders gather at these once a month lunch talk sessions. We meet to encourage communication, collaboration, and culture throughout SLO County arts and cultural organizations. We organize a group effort for Art Month (October) and for the event Passport to the Arts in April.

When does SLOCATS happen? 

The third Friday of every other month from 12-1pm.